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Electronic cigarettes LED lights

Indicator has been on
1. The electromagnetic induction switch action is slow
Tap rod switch action, tap on a rod is too strong
2. The rod is not still fever when using battery is connect the negative direction
Connect the battery negative direction
In battery take care not to damage the threads, electromagnetic induction switch is not broken, take out the battery, tapping rod, rod cooling, put back to the battery
eVic VT
If the problem has always been, it is better to return factory repair
3. The battery has liquid smoke
Smoke leakage, remove the battery is the liquid smoke is blown dry inside the tobacco rod, slight leakage no big way
Such as serious best to return factory repair
4. The light is dim
Lack of battery or battery is useless, the battery or replace battery, charging the light on the charger, green better continue recharging after one hour

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