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Add olive oil to your diet for strong bones

Olive oil which is an integral part of a Mediterranean diet is slowly making its way into the Indian household. This healthy oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and naturally free from cholesterol, sugar, salt, trans fat and gluten. Loaded with many health benefits, olive oil is found to exert positive effects on your bone health. Read about top 10 health benefits of olive oil
According to a study, people who consumed olive oil had higher levels of osteocalcin, a protein that plays a vital role in absorption of calcium in the body and regulation of bone-building . This beneficial oil prevents bone mass reduction by regulating the levels of calcium in the body. This oil is also found to improve mineralisation of bones and the process of calcification. Hence, people suffering from osteoporosis are recommended to include olive oil in their food preparation to prevent fractures.
But keep in mind, olive oil has a low smoke point and it should not be used for frying, etc. Use it to saute or add it on your salad.

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